A note from Bob Front-
“Beckley Gun Club’s last 3gun match of the season is this Sunday, 10/19. Again we’ll do a side match for rim fire pistols. Entry for the side match is only $5. Probably do two stages and each shooter will do three strings on each stage. These are our new rim fire steel targets via a grant from National Sport Shooting Foundation so it’s a speed match! I’ll try to remember to take my Ruger if anyone wants to borrow it.

Looks like we’re gonna have a “Buckeye” driving several hours just to come shoot with us and eat hot dogs! 3gun Nation’s new qualifier will give you a chance to practice your shotgun reloads!”

Let’s Clean Up!

It’s that time again!! Range needs a work day, Oct 25. I know it’s huntin’ season, but it really needs done.

We’ll load up all the old steel targets which have caused some injuries (so far, minor) from splatter. Recycling money will go toward new steel on the High Power Range. We’ll need some welding help with that later. We want to make the target holders too big to move. That prevents dummies from moving them too close, hitting them with high power rifles, then wondering why they are getting hit with splatter. Our beloved President Long had to go to surgery after shooting dinged steel with a pistol (old story). He said it hurt!

We’ll also load all the trash on my trailer for a trip to the landfill. Lusk donated the dumpster but we can’t get them to empty it. It’s now a bear feederSurprised smile. Several target holders need replaced; some weed eating needs done, along with some brush cutting along the road.

The tractor is finally fully operational so we can use the bucket for the heavy lifting. It’s due for an oil change/grease job. If you don’t feel physically able to help, we will need somebody to keep Long moving.

World Famous BGC Hot Dogs will be available for all of those who come out and help!